Graphic Designer / Web Developer / Marketing Specialist

Sizzle Media - Sarah Gilmour

Sarah Gilmour of Sizzle Media with an awesome pineapple

I was born in Omaha, NE before relocating to Lincoln, NE. I recieved my Graphic Design & Media Arts degree at Southeast Commnity College in 2017. Prior to this, my education and experience was primarily marketing and journalism based.

I studied Journalism at University of Nebraska-Omaha for 3 years before transfering to Bellevue University. There, in 2012, I recieved my bachelor's degree in Marketing Management. Additionally, I have over 10 years of marketing experience, and as a former bartender, I can make a killer martini.

I am an independent, driven, marketing designer seeking employment opportunities that will utilize my comprehensive knowledge of digital & web design and SEO & marketing trends.

I have excellent time management skills and a friendly disposition that jives well with co-workers and clients. If you're interested in working together, you can email me at sarah@sizzle-media.com or call/text me at 402.802.3543.

Need convincing? Please check out my portfolio, resume, LinkedIn Profile and Facebook Page for further convincing.

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